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Hello. It's me. :)
Name: Kirei
Age: 31
United States

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Ok let me recap.

Those of you who've known me for the past 39,849,381,041 (just kidding) 6 or 7(?) years might remember that I have mentioned that I've always loved acting/voice acting and tried to get into it for a while. Remember that? Well, starting last year (Summer 2011) I FINALLY found a legit acting class (it's much better than the old class/workshop I used to take back in 2007). I mean it's real! SO real that the teacher really cares about her students and makes sure that they get an agent and legit work. AND most importantly, she makes sure that our technique is spot on. I love it!

Well this past fall, I had to stop classes for a while because I started college. Now that I'm done with "real" school (it only lasted three months) I can get back in acting class again!

So during my freetime, I found an audition for a Kingdom Hearts fandub on KH-Vids.net. Of course I've always visited the site in the past for their updates on the KH series. But.......this time I actually joined because I wanted to audition for that fandub.

Ok before I go any further, for those who don't know what fandub is......
A fandub is a production of fan voice actors who take a movie, video game, etc. and dub their voice over it. So say, for example, there's a Harry Potter fandub. Instead of having the HP kids' voices, it'd have the fan voice actors voices instead. Well, in my case, I was trying out for a video game fandub which happened to be Kingdom Hearts.
Ok so moving on (my god this entry is long already).

Well I didn't get cast into this fandub. But Mike, the guy who runs KH-Vids official fandub auditions, mentioned Voice Acting Alliance in the audition notice. VAA is an amateur voice acting site. I Googled it right away and I was so freaking amazed. It's like a gold mine of auditions, I am NOT kidding. I signed up right away and started digging through auditions immediately. VAA has loads of auditions for fandubs and original projects. The originals are great because it gives me the chance to put credit on my acting resume whenever I get cast into something. I can't put fandub credit on my resume because it's just practice, and not to mention the original game, movie, whatever has been previously credited to the original actors/voice actors. BUT I can make a separate resume just for fandubs.

Anyway, I'm going a little off topic.

So! since I joined VAA two weeks ago, I've auditioned in about 7 projects and have been cast into two things. The auditions are still going (actually, one ends today). I'm sooo excited! Oh! I also got asked to be part of a radio/podcast show for New Year's Eve this year. That was fun. lol :)

So here is some of my recent work. I can't believe I can say that now. I have recent work! XD Anyway I hope you like it.
Here is one project that I was cast in. It's part of a Youtube series called "Five Line Plays!" This is the first episode called The Lost Locket. I voiced the girl named Tracy (though her name isn't mentioned).

I got cast into this project too. This is my audition for a fandub of Final Fantasy Type-0. My character is named Deuce. :)

This is my audition for the Kingdom Hearts fandub.

"I can't live life in fear of some 'what if'." Clair Bennet - Heroes

Congratulation to the audition.
Your voice is really nice for the character in the game.

Do you use special equipment or just your own mic and pc? Because the sound is really clear.

Gambatte :D
» mizutama on 2012-01-12 01:41:26

I didn't know youw ere back on NuTang.. Congrats and welcome back.
» undisputed on 2012-01-12 04:38:24

OMG!!! u did it!!! congrats!!!
» renaye on 2012-01-13 09:53:35

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